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Walt Swiger and his wife Orvha




He guided a dedicated group of workers in developing one of the top integrated waste management programs in WV.  He has worked with his county commission to establish a recycling ordinance and a recycling hotline that handles questions and complaints.  He is currently working with the county board of education to develop a recycling plan for all schools.  Under his leadership his Solid Waste Authority has conducted one of the biggest America Recycles Day events in the state.  

His Solid Waste Authority is a partner in education with several county schools.  One of these grade schools was a winner of the Education Alliance, Partners in Education Gold Start Award as an exemplary West Virginia School – Business Partnership 2000…..  And this Volunteer accepted the award on behalf of his Solid Waste Authority.  

He has worked to implement a very successful inmate road crew program to clean up litter and open dumps and then sponsored a 175 mile environmental education bus tour covering 25 communities explaining to participants where litter and open dumps had been cleaned up and the high cost of cleaning them up.  

In addition to his Solid Waste Authority he has volunteered countless hours over the years as an outstanding community leader, serving on the local Emergency Planning Committee, Lions Club and Community Action Association.  And while he was doing all that… he somehow found time to serve as Chairman of your Association a few years back.

An article in the Solid Waste Reporter back in the winter of 98-99 stated his widespread efforts toward waste management belie his seemingly low profile.  Perhaps the key is action, rather than words.  As his motto proves:  Deeds speak louder than words.  I’ve known this gentleman almost 10 years….  

A lifelong resident of Harrison County , a graduate of the West Virginia Business College, Walt Swiger .