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Harry Reiter, and His wife



Mr. Reitter has been a board member for the Brooke County Solid Waste Authority for more than twelve years.  He is active daily attempting to preserve the environment in Brooke County and throughout the state.

Mr. Reitter serves as Vice-Chairman of the BCSWA and Vice-Chairman of the Association of Solid Waste Authorities.

While serving as the Vice-Chairman, Mr. Reitter has also taken on the responsibility of the Recycling Coordinator for the BCSWA,.  He was able to establish a Joint Venture Agreement with All American Recycling to handle the recycling for Brooke County, and initiate a paper-recycling program with the Brooke County Commissioners, the City of Wellsburg and Broke County Board of Education.  In the past three years, Mr. Reitter has worked very hard to help the BCSWA receive four grants, (two from the Solid Waste Management Board and two from the West Virginia Division of Natural resources) to expand the Brooke County Recycling Program.

These grants have allowed the BCSWA to purchase and build a steel building to house and sort the recyclables in, purchase needed recycling equipment, remodel and repaint existing recycling units, and obtain a new computer, copier, and fax machine for The BCSWA.  When the steel building was being built, Mr. Reitter organized and planned the entire building project, spending many days at the building site, making sure that everything was in order.Mr. Reitter makes himself available for anything the BCSWA needs done.  He is willing to contact anyone, about anything for the BCSWA.  He makes himself available as much as possible to take anyone to the landfill or any other place in the county to further the recycling efforts of the Brooke County Solid Waste Authority.

While serving as Vice-Chairman of the Association of Solid Waste authorities Mr. Reitter has attended several Solid Waste Meetings and Conferences to stay informed, and represent both the AWVSWA and BCSWA on solid waste and legislative issues.

Mr. Reitter's dedication and commitment to Brooke County and the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia is one of the reasons why the 2002 AWVSWA Conference is being held at Mountaineer Park.

A resident of Colliers since 1932, Mr. Reitter is a life member of the Colliers Volunteer Fire Department, Colliers Primary PTA, and the Disabled American Veterans of Foreign Wars.  Mr. Reitter is one of the two chairman who have been serving on the Brooke County Stadium Committee for more than twelve years.