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The 2003 Association of West Virginia Solid Waste Authorities Conference has again recognized an individual from a county solid waste authority who by their outstanding achievements and meritorious service has advanced the cause of preserving our environment as the “Solid Waste Volunteer of the Year”.

To be selected, the honoree must be an individual who reaches out beyond the confines

of his or her paid employment and normal responsibilities to contribute time and service to a not-for-profit cause in the belief that this activity is beneficial to the solid waste industry.  The nominees for this years award include Charles Biggs of Morgan County Solid Waste Authority,                         

Sarah Douglas of Wirt County Solid Waste Authority,  Alice B. Hartman of Region 8 Solid Waste Authority, Edgar J. Mason of Berkeley County Solid Waste Authority, David B. Russell, Jr. of Putnam County Solid Waste Authority and Howland Sharpe of Lincoln County Solid Waste Authority. 

Previous winners include Allan W. Babcock of Marion County, the late Frederick Clark of Randolph County, the late Roger King of Wood County, Denver Enoch of Ritchie County, Edwin C. “Bud” Weigle of Tyler County, Walter Swiger of Harrison County, Harry Reiter of Brooke County and John Tuckwiller of Greenbrier County.

This year's Volunteer of the Year has been a dedicated officer for many years of a local solid waste authority, as well as serving the counties development authority.  From the beginning of this volunteer's involvement with the solid waste authority, this special person has worked tirelessly finding recycling solutions for this rural county.  Preparing grant applications, coordinating the transportation of recyclables, and spearheading the building of recycling facilities, this special person had the vision to know that the community would respond in a supportive fashion.  And respond they have!  Last year the amount of recycled materials was 6.4 times greater than just four years ago.  In other words, the amount of recyclables collected in this small county grew from 23,000 pounds per year to 147,000 pounds.  That is about 25 pounds of recyclables for every man, woman and child.  This was not an easy accomplishment; it took total dedication, commitment and strong leadership.

This year's Volunteer of the Year has also dedicated time and effort to the community on many other fronts including, overseeing the clean up and reclamation of open dumps, serving on the board of the county health services association, Relay for Life, and the county alumni association.  Over the past several years, this volunteer has worked with the "Wetlands Project" that was developed by the county board of education, and the local conservation district to educate grade school students about the importance of taking care of our land.   

            These are only a few accomplishments of this very special person, a volunteer in every sense of the word, a fellow West Virginian who has dedicated herself to improving solid waste management and protecting our environment.  The 2003 Volunteer of the Year is Sarah Douglas, of Wirt County, West Virginia.