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Announcement by Mark D Holstine


Good evening ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, and Chair Palmer.  I am honored to be here tonight to once again have the opportunity to represent the West Virginia Solid Waste Authorities in presenting the Volunteer of the Year award!

Winston Churchill stated “You make a living by what you get.  You make a life by what you give.” This statement illustrates each of our volunteers who give to the local and regional solid waste authorities.  They demonstrate that they choose to make a rich and fulfilling life by giving.  These volunteers unselfishly contribute their skills and provide unmatched assistance and support to our local solid waste authorities.

I would like to take a few minutes before introducing this year’s recipient, and signify numerous ways this volunteer has exhibited a life of giving.  This year’s recipient gives time to the local Solid Waste Authority, the community, and her family. These unselfish acts of serving are why this year’s Volunteer of the Year stands out.    

This year’s recipient began attending meetings of the local Solid Waste Authority three years prior to being appointed to the Board.  In addition, the recipient gives time to attend County Commission meetings, and all solid waste education conferences.  Investing time in educating students about the importance of recycling and litter control, and reading to students in the county school system regarding the need to recycle, as well as, taking the time to demonstrate how to reuse items so the items do not end up in our landfills are just a few examples of how this year’s recipient gives and supports the Local Solid Waste Authority.

This year’s VOY has faced and undergone the burden of a serious illness in their family.  This illness required them to drive the family member for treatments and surgeries while continuing to give to their community in every way possible, including litter control along the highway. 

This year’s volunteer makes weekly trips to pick-up recyclable materials from the post offices, elementary schools, churches, businesses, and local shut-ins.  Not to mention the time spent to transport all these recyclables to Charleston.  This year’s recipient even gave their carport for the use of storing recyclables collected from the elementary school.

As previously mentioned, this year’s volunteer also gives to other organizations in the community including the local Lion’s Club where they have served as its president.  In this role, they are responsible for leading numerous projects and activities including securing funds for a playground, and collecting eyeglasses, hearing aids, and cell phones, for the International Sight Foundation. 

This year’s VOY headed up a countywide campaign to raise money for bullet proof vests for the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department, and served on the board of directors at the Community Center to help with the development of community activities.

I believe you all will agree with me that the 2013 Association of West Virginia Solid Waste Authorities Volunteer of the Year definitely lives a life of giving.

In her spare time she loves to be in her sewing room working on her quilting, embroidery projects or scrap-booking.  She loves to make things for her four children, ten grandchildren or eleven great-grandchildren, once again demonstrating that she lives a life of giving.  Some of her embroidery and quilting projects have also been donated as prizes at past solid waste authority conferences.    It is my understanding that she is the driving force for her husband, who is also a past recipient of this Volunteer of the Year award. 

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a great honor to introduce to you, the 2013 Volunteer of the Year, who shows that you truly do make a life by what you give, from Lincoln County, Doris Sharpe.